New service: Website Maintenance Plan

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Keeping your new WordPress website up to date with the most current versions of WordPress and installed plugins is extremely important yet often overlooked. WordPress continues to evolve with more possibilities and a better and more efficient user experience. And as a result new versions of software, plugins, and themes show up to keep pace with these improvements. Failure to stay up to date with all the latest versions might not create a huge problem in the beginning, but could result in something catastrophic left unattended over a significant length of time. And let’s not forget spam comments…

How easy is it to see just one available update and a few spam comments and think, “Ah, that’s not much, I’ll deal with it tomorrow.” Answer: Too easy. Then tomorrow comes and the same scenario repeats itself again and again and again, etc. Pretty soon it becomes complete overwhelming and may even have reached the point where something is compromising the site. That’s not good.

We know that our Clients are busy. And we know that keeping a website completely up to date and free of clutter is sometimes the last thing our Clients want to think about. That’s why we’ve developed a new Website Maintenance Plan exclusively for our Clients. We made your site and we want to keep it as fresh, up to date, and bug free as it was on launch day.

Here’s what the plan covers:

  • Edit, revise, update, or create new textual content
  • Install and customize new widgets and/or update existing third-party widgets
  • Create additional portfolio items
  • Consultation and guidance on use of the website and general WordPress usage
  • Ensure WordPress, plugins, and theme are up to date with their most current versions

So basically, for anything short of a complete redesign or realignment, we’ve got you covered.

Pricing: Get a year’s worth of coverage (and peace of mind) for just $120.

Questions or want to get started? Drop us a line!

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