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When musicians talk about someone with an amazing technical proficiency on their instrument, they say that person has “chops.” Similarly, when talking about composers, someone who has a command over a wide variety of styles and mediums—meaning they can create convincing and idiomatic music in any style—is also said to have chops. Adrian Hernandez is one of those people. Whether it’s scoring films, creating arrangements, or writing his own original compositions, he definitely has some serious chops. He also has some extremely professional looking examples of his work, which were very easy to showcase in a multimedia portfolio setting. Check it out.

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We really like Stephen Page. First of all, he’s a super nice guy. Second of all, he’s a darn good saxophonist. And third of all—is that a real thing; third of all?—he was extremely open to suggestions during the concept process of his site development. We like that. A lot. So instead of a site that looked like everyone else’s in the classical saxophone world, we were able to set him up with something just slightly outside the norm in his field. Give it a look and give Stephen a listen.

Website for Saxophonist Stephen Page

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Atypical composer

There’s a sort of sameness and monotony to how aspiring musicians and composers present themselves online. And many such sites eventually become drab unmaintained wastelands containing all the relevant information that one would seek—though I’m often astounded how many composer sites may not even have audio samples—and presented in such a boring and uninviting way that it doesn’t inspire the user to explore beyond the page they’ve found themselves on, insuring that the remainder of the composer’s oeuvre stays dusty and hidden. So when Baltimore-based composer Ruby Fulton got in touch about a website redesign, we wanted to make sure we avoided those pitfalls.

Ruby has a very unique compositional voice and it was important to us that her site stood out from the standard composer web fare. Her pieces tend to be extremely topical so we decided that a portfolio-style setup would help create a visual interest in her already sonically interesting work. We’re very happy with the outcome and especially like the fun of sorting through pieces by instrumentation grouping on the main portfolio page. Check it out and give it a spin (and listen)!

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We present THE FIRST

As we’ve finally gotten our act together and decided that having a little web design and digital media company is a good idea, we’ve mined the archives for stuff we did and that would look kind of handsome in our portfolio. And actually, the site we did for Metro Gallery turns out to be the first site we consider part of the business. So, yeah, it’s the first! Maybe it’s a bad idea to let this cat out of the bag, but I actually turned this around in less than 24 hours. BUT, Sarah Williams, Metro’s proprietor, was SUPER prepared and knew exactly what she wanted. I like that. Again, it’s always great to help really awesome people out, especially those who have helped me out so much over the years and who do so much to enrich Baltimore’s cultural life. Check out the site!

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