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Wonderland Cocktails
Fans of Molly’s Wonderland Kitchen food blog know that in addition to her fantastic recipes and food photography, there has been a steady stream of posts devoted to cocktails. And though you may find the occasional classic cocktail post, the majority of them are original recipes. So having developed a respectable menu of original cocktails, we decided to launch Wonderland Cocktails, a new cocktail service in Baltimore, Maryland offering anything from custom signature drinks to complete cocktail program consultations. The new site was a quick, fun build. Go check it out! Cheers.

Wonderland Cocktails

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Tool bench
Keeping your new WordPress website up to date with the most current versions of WordPress and installed plugins is extremely important yet often overlooked. WordPress continues to evolve with more possibilities and a better and more efficient user experience. And as a result new versions of software, plugins, and themes show up to keep pace with these improvements. Failure to stay up to date with all the latest versions might not create a huge problem in the beginning, but could result in something catastrophic left unattended over a significant length of time. And let’s not forget spam comments…

How easy is it to see just one available update and a few spam comments and think, “Ah, that’s not much, I’ll deal with it tomorrow.” Answer: Too easy. Then tomorrow comes and the same scenario repeats itself again and again and again, etc. Pretty soon it becomes complete overwhelming and may even have reached the point where something is compromising the site. That’s not good.

We know that our Clients are busy. And we know that keeping a website completely up to date and free of clutter is sometimes the last thing our Clients want to think about. That’s why we’ve developed a new Website Maintenance Plan exclusively for our Clients. We made your site and we want to keep it as fresh, up to date, and bug free as it was on launch day.

Here’s what the plan covers:

  • Edit, revise, update, or create new textual content
  • Install and customize new widgets and/or update existing third-party widgets
  • Create additional portfolio items
  • Consultation and guidance on use of the website and general WordPress usage
  • Ensure WordPress, plugins, and theme are up to date with their most current versions

So basically, for anything short of a complete redesign or realignment, we’ve got you covered.

Pricing: Get a year’s worth of coverage (and peace of mind) for just $120.

Questions or want to get started? Drop us a line!

When musicians talk about someone with an amazing technical proficiency on their instrument, they say that person has “chops.” Similarly, when talking about composers, someone who has a command over a wide variety of styles and mediums—meaning they can create convincing and idiomatic music in any style—is also said to have chops. Adrian Hernandez is one of those people. Whether it’s scoring films, creating arrangements, or writing his own original compositions, he definitely has some serious chops. He also has some extremely professional looking examples of his work, which were very easy to showcase in a multimedia portfolio setting. Check it out.

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Ally Crow

As the crow flies

We just rolled out a new portfolio-style site for Philadelphia-based artist Ally Crow. In a world that moves as quick as ours these days, it’s inspiring and impressive to see someone focusing on process and craft as opposed to instant gratification. Give the site a look and if you’re ever in Philly, make sure to stop by the Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. and ask Ally for a drink recommendation. Cheers.
Website for artist Ally Crow
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We really like Stephen Page. First of all, he’s a super nice guy. Second of all, he’s a darn good saxophonist. And third of all—is that a real thing; third of all?—he was extremely open to suggestions during the concept process of his site development. We like that. A lot. So instead of a site that looked like everyone else’s in the classical saxophone world, we were able to set him up with something just slightly outside the norm in his field. Give it a look and give Stephen a listen.

Website for Saxophonist Stephen Page

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Wonderland Kitchen Redesign

In honor of Molly’s first year food-blogging anniversary as Wonderland Kitchen as well as her new adventure writing a column for Serious Eats, we decided to give her site a complete upgrade, complete with granite countertops (and a new logo to boot). The new site keeps the focus on her beautiful photos and reorganizes over a year’s worth of material into an image-focused format that is easy to navigate, invites more clicking around the site, and is just really nice to look at. It’s a delicious project that we’re extremely proud of. And the website doesn’t look bad either. Click here to visit Wonderland Kitchen.

Wonderland Kitchen Redesign


Big gear roll out

We’re excited to announce not only the website launch for the Mid-Atlantic region’s newest elite amateur cycling team, Integrated Sports Medicine presented by Pyramid Training Systems, but also that Big Ring Creative is one of the team’s proud 2012 sponsors. As bike racers know, one side of doing well by your sponsors is racing hard and getting results, but in addition it is important for the team to represent their sponsors in a professional manner, both in conduct and appearance. Integrated Sports Medicine p/b Pyramid Training Systems understands both of these elements and from the selection of the innovative Los Angeles-based Endo Customs as clothing sponsor to the vision of the team and each rider as a complete package, the team is primed to race hard and look good doing it too.

We wanted the team’s website to look and feel as slick as the image they’ll be presenting on the bike and to feature all the team’s sponsors prominently. On those counts, we believe we’ve hit the mark. Check it out here and follow the team’s exploits all season long on Facebook and Twitter as well. Allez!

Integrated Sports Medicine Cycling Team

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Atypical composer

There’s a sort of sameness and monotony to how aspiring musicians and composers present themselves online. And many such sites eventually become drab unmaintained wastelands containing all the relevant information that one would seek—though I’m often astounded how many composer sites may not even have audio samples—and presented in such a boring and uninviting way that it doesn’t inspire the user to explore beyond the page they’ve found themselves on, insuring that the remainder of the composer’s oeuvre stays dusty and hidden. So when Baltimore-based composer Ruby Fulton got in touch about a website redesign, we wanted to make sure we avoided those pitfalls.

Ruby has a very unique compositional voice and it was important to us that her site stood out from the standard composer web fare. Her pieces tend to be extremely topical so we decided that a portfolio-style setup would help create a visual interest in her already sonically interesting work. We’re very happy with the outcome and especially like the fun of sorting through pieces by instrumentation grouping on the main portfolio page. Check it out and give it a spin (and listen)!

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Sounds amazing

When you’re dealing with the world of music, it’s all about sound. But when you’re trying to convey the quality of your musical product–be it as a performer or a live sound engineer–having a good looking website really helps to convey your professionalism. That’s what we endeavored to do with our latest site for MackAudio, a professional audio service based in Baltimore, MD.

Mack McLaughlin is a consummate pro in the world of live sound engineering and concert recording. You would be hard pressed to find someone with his qualifications. But most importantly, he brings an absolute unparalleled level of customer service and personal attention to his clients. We hooked Mack up with a slick one-page portfolio site and included a branded login functionality for him to create individual client accounts for easy transfer of their recordings. Check it out!

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We present THE FIRST

As we’ve finally gotten our act together and decided that having a little web design and digital media company is a good idea, we’ve mined the archives for stuff we did and that would look kind of handsome in our portfolio. And actually, the site we did for Metro Gallery turns out to be the first site we consider part of the business. So, yeah, it’s the first! Maybe it’s a bad idea to let this cat out of the bag, but I actually turned this around in less than 24 hours. BUT, Sarah Williams, Metro’s proprietor, was SUPER prepared and knew exactly what she wanted. I like that. Again, it’s always great to help really awesome people out, especially those who have helped me out so much over the years and who do so much to enrich Baltimore’s cultural life. Check out the site!

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